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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Language in Literature

Language in Literature

Roman Jakobson (1896-1982)

1987-1990 Language in Literature (Belknap Press) by Roman Jakobson (Author), Krystyna Pomorska (Editor), Stephen Rudy (Editor) (Paperback - Mar 1, 1990) Buy new: $49.95 $44.95 31 Used & new from $24.77

00 Introduction by Krystyna Pomorska (1928-1986)

1982 Roman Jakobson, Krystyna Pomorska Poesie und Grammatik: Dialoge suhrkamp taschenbuch wissenschaft Euro 6,00 [D]

1985 Diálogos - Roman Jakobson e Krystyna Pomorska

Mit einem Verzeichnis der Veröffentlichungen Roman Jakobsons in deutscher Sprache 1921–1982. Aus dem Französischen von Horst Brühmann, Erschienen: 06.03.1982 Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft 386, 193 Seiten, Broschur

Am Leitfaden der Biographie Roman Jakobsons gibt dieser Band einen Überblick über die Probleme und Forschungsergebnisse des bedeutendsten Linguisten der Gegenwart.

Krystyna Pomorska, “The Autobiography of a Scholar,” in Language, Poetry and Poetics: The Generation of the 1890s: Jakobson, Trubetzkoy, Majakovskij, ed. Pomorska et al. [Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 1987]

"Roman Jakobson as a Student of Communication." In Studies in Poetics: Commemorative Volume, Krystyna Pomorska (1928-1986). Ed. Elen Semeka-Pankratov. Columbus, OH: Slavic Publishers. 27-38 (Czech in Slovo a slovesnost 47, 1996: 162-169).

Questions of Literary Theory

01 On Realism in Art

02 Futurism

03 Dada

04 Dominant

05 Problems in the Study of Language and Literature (with Jurij Tynjanow)

06 Language in Operation

07 Linguistics and Poetics

08 Two Aspects of Language and Two Types of Aphasia

Grammar in Poetry

09 Poetry of Grammar and Grammar of Poetry

10 Grammatical Parallelism and Its Russian Facet

11 Baudelaire’s “Les Chats” (with Claude Levi Strauss)

12 Shakespeares’s Verbal Art in “Th’ Expence of Spirit” (with L.G. Jones)

13 Yeats’ “Sorrow of Love” through the Years (with Stephen Rudy)

14 Subliminal Verbal Patterning in Poetry

15 Supraconscious Turgenev

Writer, Biography, Myth

16 On a Generation That Squandered Its Poets

17 Marginal Notes on the Prose of the Poet Pasternak

18 The Statue in Pushkin’s Poetic Mythology

19 What is Poetry?

20 Notes on Myth in Erben’s Work

21 In Memory of V. V. Hanka

Semiotic Vistas

22 Quest for the Essence of Language

23 On Linguistic Aspects of Translation

24 A Glance at the Development of Semiotics

25 Musicology and Linguistics

26 Is the Film in Decline

27 On the Relation between Visual and Auditory Signs

28 Motor Signs for “Yes” and “No”

29 On the Verbal Art of William Blake and Other Poet-Painters

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