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Tuesday, January 22, 2008



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Speakers on Communication

Speakers on Communication

Speakers Platform Featuring the Finest Keynote Speakers

Speakers by Topics

Speakers on Communication

Susan RoAne

Susan RoAne: The Nation’s Savvy Networking Expert

SusanRoAne/The Mingling Maven

Susan RoAne Blog

The Secrets of Savvy Networking: How to Make the Best Connections for Business and Personal Success by Susan RoAne (Audio CD - Dec 27, 2005)Abridged

How to Work a Room: The Ultimate Guide to Savvy Socializing In Person and Online by Susan RoAne (Audio CD - Aug 26, 2004)Abridged

What Do I Say Next?: Talking Your Way to Business and Social Success by Susan RoAne (Paperback - Mar 1, 1999)

How to Work a Room, Revised Edition: Your Essential Guide to Savvy Socializing by Susan Roane (Paperback - April 24, 2007)

The Gospel According to RoAne … Revisited


The "Newer" Testament

By Susan RoAne, The Mingling Maven®

I. THOU SHALT BE A MENSCH: Treat people with respect, courtesy, integrity, truth and honor.

II. THOU SHALT FOLLOW UP AND FOLLOW THROUGH.: Do that which thou sayest thou shall do…and report back in a timely manner.

III. THOU SHALT PAY ATTENTION TO OTHERS.: By listening with one’s ears, eyes, head and heart.

IV. THOU SHALT NURTURE THY NETWORK.: Touch base with calls, cards, clippings and faxes when thou needest nothing from thy contact.

V. THOU SHALL TREAT PEOPLE AS PEOPLE. : Not as contacts made for thy professional purpose.

VI. THOU SHALT “GOOD-MOUTH” PEOPLE.: Praise people and pass on the praise of others!

VII. THOU SHALT ACKNOWLEDGE ALL SUSTENANCE WTH THY PEN AND TABLET.: Thank those who have gifted thee with time, food, ideas, support, leads, laughter and love.

VIII. THOU SHALT PERFORM GOOD DEEDS.: Ye shall reciprocate those deeds done on thy behalf.

IX. THOU SHALT TEACH THESE COMMANDMENTS DILIGENTLY TO THY STAFF, students, colleagues, cronies and children…by example.


Tony Alessandra

The Power of Listening

How to Be People Smart

Dianna Booher

leadership voice

be clear, be consistent, be thorough, and demonstrate confidence

John Gray

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex

Carlos Conejo

Cross-Cultural Issues

Jeff Gee

SuperService: 7 Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service, Even When You Don't Feel Like It! Even When They Don't Deserve It!

Amanda Gore

You Can Be Happy

Pat Heim

Hardball for Women

Smashing the Glass Ceiling

Learning to Lead

In the Company of Women:

Indirect Agression Among Women:

Why We Hurt Each Other & How To Stop.

Herb Cohen Negotiation Expert

Roxanne Emmerich

Hattie Hill

Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly Unlimited

How? When You Don't Know How

Life: A Trip Towards Trust

Peggy Klaus

BRAG! The Art of Tooting

Your Own Horn Without Blowing It

Jaclyn Kostner

Virtual Leadership: Secrets From the Round Table for the Multi-Site Manager

Bionic eTeamwork

Jack LaLanne Nutrition Fitness

Lynne Lancaster

When Generations Collide by Lynne C. Lancaster and David Stillman 2007

David Stillman

Scott McKain

Michael Najarian

Ian Percy Organizational psychologist

Going Deep: Exploring Spirituality in Life and Leadership

I/O (Industrial / Organizational) Psychology

The Wonder of Your Work

In Search of "IT"

Dr. J. Mitchell Perry

Winning Communication Skills (4 CD Audio Program)

Winning Communication Skills 4 CD Audio Program by Dr J Mitchell Perry (Author) (Audio CD - Feb 20, 1997)

The Road to Optimism: Change Your Language-Change Your Life! by J. Mitchell Perry (Author), Rick Griggs (Author)

The Road to Optimism CD by J Mitchell Perry (Audio CD - Feb 27, 1997)

In the Zone: Achieving Optimal Performance in Business-As in Sports

Mary Robinson Reynolds

The Powerful Influence of Nonverbal Communication

Getting Along- What`s Your Comunication Style?

The Art of Getting What You Want

Are You Making Life Too Difficult?

Marsha Petrie Sue EQ & Personal relationship

Robert Swan

Hendrie Weisinger

Mikki Williams

Bowen White

Why Normal Isn't Healthy

Nido Qubein

Frank Maguire

Cheryl Currid

Pamela Jett Aal

Teresa Allen

Steve Altes

Kare Anderson

Roger Axtell

Patricia Ball

Liz Berney

Dick Biggs

Lenora Billings-Harris

Michael Brandwein

Rick Brinkman

Janelle Brittain

Susan Carnahan

Doug Cartland

Gary Copeland

Cheryl Cran

Michelle Ray CSP

Connie Dieken

Mary-Ellen Drummond

M. Kay duPont

Debra Fine

Donna Fisher

Jean Gatz

David Glickman

Barton Goldsmith

Jordan Goodman

Susan Granger

Jane Handly

Donna Hartley

Charlie Hawkins

Tom Henschel

Sue Hershkowitz-Coore

Sheida Hodge

Art Holst

Catherine Jewell

Larry Johnson

Meagan Johnson

Rick Kirschner

Alison Korn

Cynthia Lett

Arch Lustberg

Sarita Maybin

Eileen McDargh

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Business Psychology

Business Psychology

Business Psychology News


Business Psychology Consulting

Dr. Kerry Johnson

Dr. Kerry Johnson

Dr. Kerry Johnson America’s Business Psychologist

Speech Topics


Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Fripp & Associates Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Are You a Good Presenter? Questionnaire

YouTube - Patricia Fripp - Ritz Carlton

Patricia Fripp - Toastmaster's International Keynote

Patricia Fripp - Great Service Good For Sales

Patricia Fripp - Creatively Remove Obstacles

Patricia Fripp - Stories Sell

Patricia Fripp - Exceptional Customer Service

Shawna Schuh

Shawna Schuh

Shawna Schuh, Presenter, Author, Consultant

Speakers Platform Featuring the Finest Keynote Speakers: Shawna Schuh

National Speakers Association - Oregon Shawna Schuh

Profit Producing People Skills - How to Better Your Communications & Improve Your Bottom Line Starring: Shawna Schuh Director: Michael Jeffreys

YouTube - Shawna Schuh - Relationship Skills DVD Training Video

George Walther

George Walther

George Walther Homepage

George Walther's "Speaking from Experience" Blog

Premiere Speakers Bureau George Walther

AIE Speakers George Walther George Walther: Books

YouTube - George Walther - Phone Power DVD Sales Training Video

Ziglar Training Systems

Ziglar Training Systems

MindPerk Ziglar Training Systems Video Series - DVD by Zig Ziglar More Information 6 DVDs / 6 CDs worksheets / guides Retail price $449.00 Our price $389.73

Corporate Language Training

Corporate Language Training

Corporate English GmbH

EF Education First

English Town Corporate Language Training

Complete your Language Competency Profile

Take the interactive Business English Skills Test

Zachary & Associates Corporate Language Development Services Ltd.

Simons & Simons Business Language Training

Cactus Language Training Tailor Made Language Solution Worldwide

Key Languages at LSI

Professional Language Solution


B.I.S Beijing International School Education Academy


CLT Corporate Language Training

Corporate English

British Council Corporate Courses

ILS International Language Services

General English Test

Corporate English Test and Needs Analysis


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Project Gutenberg

Chinese games

Chinese games

An Introduction to Chinese Chess



Leadership: The Critical Difference - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Leadership Traits - Prehistoric Times to Present Day

Leadership & Management Training - The Corporate Coach Group

Leadership Management Training by Corporate Coach Group

To Be A Leader: Are Management and Leadership the same?

Leadership - 4 Characteristics of Great Leaders

Be the Pack Leader~ 10 Examples Cesar's way!

How To Use A Gentle Leader

Leadership Behavior -Part 1

Leadership Behavior -Part 2

Leadership Behavior -Part 3

Leadership Behavior -Part 4

Leadership Behavior -Part 6

Leadership Behavior Participative

Master of Leadership Development

The Leader in You

Conflict Management

Managing Things and Leading People

Sexual Difference in Communication

Sexual Difference in Communication

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus PART # 1

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus PART # 2

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus PART # 10

Paula Sassi on Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Female and Male

Connie Podesta: Men Are Better At Getting Their Needs Met

John Gray author, Men are from Mars, Kyle Archer - LNGBCHNMO

Men VS Women - The Differences

John Gray Christian Comedian

John Gray: What Makes Men Happy is Not the Same for Women

John Gray: How Men Communicate

John Gray: How Men and Women Cope with Stress Differently

John Gray: Communication Keeps Passion Alive

John Gray Christian Comedian

Body Language

Body Language

Video 7: Understanding Body Language

John Gray: How Men Communicate

body language

Body Language Body Language Body Language

body language clip 2

Body Language in Business 1

Video 7: Understanding Body Language

Body Language of Trust - business keynote speech



G8 Summit Body Language 2

Better Communication - Focus your Communication

Top Ten Positive Gestures

Her She Comes .... Body Language

Video tip # 3 - Body Language

Body Language and Facial Expressions

Winning Friends with the 3 Part Compliment

TSTN - SuccessCast "Communicate with Confidence"

Learn to Speak Body: Tape 5

CBC Body Language Expert - keynote speaker

Queen - Body Language

Commonly Used Gestures

Management Skills

Management Skills

The Excellent Manager – DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

The Creative Manager - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

How to Sell Well - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Negotiating Strategies and Tactics - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Superior Sales Management - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Executive Time Management - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Leadership: The Critical Difference - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Managing Meetings that Get Results - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Motivating People to Peak Performance - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Delegating and Supervising - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

How to Hire; How to Fire - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Marketing Strategy for Fast Growth - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Pathways Toward Personal Progress - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

Setting Business Strategy - DVD by Brian Tracy Part of the Effective Manager Series

The Effective Manager Complete Series - DVD Brian Tracy Retail price $1,470.00 Our price $1,099.95 Save $370.00 on the Complete Series

Ryan Setzer - Management & Supervisory Skills

Manager Training Skit

New Management Skills Demo training session Part 1

New Management Skills Demo training session Part 2

Office Manager Training Video

Executive Coach-Secrets of Simple Solutions

The Praxis Centre at Cranfield School of Management

Skills for International Management 1

Skills for International Management 1v2

Memory Management - Link System

Customer Service Training

Law of Attraction EFT STRESS BUSTER @

Anger Management

Corporate podcast: Ep12 - Workshop skills- by Dr Savi

Management Training & Development - University of Macau SAR, Chi...